Benefits of Membership

Building and sustaining positive public opinion and a favorable political environment. We’ve got you covered on the national, state and local. 

  • We lobby key decision makers so they understand the effects of legislation on your business.
  • We host federal and state issue calls to keep you up to date and answer your questions.
  • We notify you of critical policy developments though our Action Alerts.
  • We monitor thousands of legislative and regulatory initiatives.
  • We organize and manage grassroots issue advocacy campaigns and the GRA-PAC (political action committee) to promote pro-business candidates and legislation. 
Providing opportunities to connect and learn from each other, increase profitability and develop employees. 

  • ServSafe® teaches safe food and alcohol handling practices for managers and employees. Receive up to a 30% discount on ServSafe® and National Restaurant Association Solutions products. 
  • Exclusive workshops, webinars and resources feature impactful topics and information
  • Advice from legal, research, regulatory, policy and food safety experts.
  • For Restaurant Members: free entrance to the NRA Show and the Atlanta Foodservice Expo
Helping to keep you informed on issues and resources, while sharing positive messaging. 

  • Our website and weekly E-news give you the latest information at your fingertips. 
  • Members receive significant discounts with best-in-class industry programs, like credit card processing, payroll, e-mail marketing, management planning, nutrition analysis and more. 
  • Opportunities to give back through our community partners
The GRA and NRA are focused on areas that determine your business' short and long term success. 
  • Profitability and Entrepreneurship: Restaurants operate on tight margins – approximately 3% before taxes on average, which is much lower than many other industries.
  • Jobs and Careers: The restaurant industry faces a long-term, structural employment problem.
  • Food and Healthy Living: The Association needs to be involved from “farm to fork” to help drive industry and regulatory change to meet the growing demands of safety and nutrition.
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility: The restaurant industry needs to meet the opportunities of sustainability and philanthropy head-on.


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