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The Georgia Restaurant Association, in partnership with the National Restaurant Association, is pleased to offer our members the highest quality services at reasonable prices through the following Partner Products.

One of the top five payment processors in the country, Heartland Payment Systems offers a range of innovative products and services to help your restaurant prosper. Our business solutions will help you save money, save time, increase profits, attract new customers, increase loyalty, and simplify your business operations.

Plus, we have the most dedicated representatives in the business at our U.S.-based service center to assist you, 24/7, in navigating the complexities of payments processing and payroll and managing your network. In addition, we offer a host of new restaurant solutions that will help you tackle your most pressing challenges—for both short term and long-term needs. We welcome you to explore our site and discover why we put your best interests at heart. To visit us today, go to

Get Insights Into Industry Trends.

Keep up-to-date on the latest restaurant news, trends, and opinions from industry thought leaders, here.


Fishbowl Marketing, the leader in permission-based email marketing for the restaurant industry, has proven that targeted marketing will increase a restaurant’s sales and customer loyalty.  Through our partnership with Fishbowl and the NRA, their email marketing solution for independent and small chain restaurants is now available to our members at special member pricing. Members save 10 percent!

Exclusive Marketing Offer: Send 500 FREE email messages a month!
Fishbowl is proud to partner with the GRA to bring you an exclusive Email Marketing Offer: GRA members can sign up today for a Fishbowl Local account and send 500 FREE email messages a month to their guests, no strings attached. Get started at

Fishbowl Local includes:

Email Marketing: 500+ restaurant templates and automated loyalty messages
Social Media Marketing: Manage multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts, schedule posts and emails to publish across multiple accounts for now or future, track engagement and audience growth
Reputation Management: Track reviews from hundreds of sites, receive email alerts when new reviews are posted, compare your reputation to your competitors

If one of your standards is food safety, we have the exclusive tool for you. In fact, Red Book Solutions, in partnership with the National Restaurant Association, has created three daily playbooks which incorporate ServSafe® and ServSafe Alcohol® policies and procedures into your everyday activities. Along with promoting the habits of top performers to plan, execute, and evaluate every day, now you can guide your practices to deliver accountability and compliance through food safety and responsible alcohol service. GRA members receive 10% OFF when they order any of The National Restaurant Association Editions of The Manager’s Red Book, The Heart of the House Yellow Book and the The Bar Green Book. For more information, call 800.526.9635 or visit

Members are eligible for an additional 10% savings on their BMI Music License.  This savings is in addition to BMI’s built in 10% Timely Payment Discount, which is available to all bar, restaurant, and other eating and drinking establishment customers.  This means that members of the Georgia Restaurant Association can save up to 20% on BMI fees. For more information, contact BMI at 800.925.8451, email or visit

Healthy Dining’s team of registered dietitians and nutrition marketing experts will make nutrition a positive for your restaurant. Through the Healthy Dining Finder Program, your restaurant and its healthier options will be promoted to the growing segment of consumers interested in healthy lifestyles and wellness. Healthy Dining is a twenty-year pioneer in restaurant nutrition and a five-year partner of the National Restaurant Association.  They  focus on accuracy and provide excellent customer service.  For more information, please contact or visit 20% discount for GRA members!

The Kids LiveWell program was developed by the National Restaurant Association, in collaboration with Healthy Dining, a group of registered dietitians who have worked closely with the industry for two decades. Healthy Dining provides reputable third-party verification, as well as consultation services to help restaurants create items that meet the Kids LiveWell criteria. The program also provides an array of promotional materials to help identify and market Kids LiveWell menu items, both in store and online.  To learn more, visit:
Program Partnership Information

Employee Edge
Employee Edge Benefits Prepaid Discover Card. Carry the Card. Access Your Cash! The EmployeeEdge Prepaid Card is the hassle-free, secure way to manage your money. No overdraft or check-cashing fees. No credit check. The EmployeeEdge Prepaid Discover® Card delivers your money, where and when you want it. Plus you get all the benefits of EmployeeEdge Membership for free! For more information, visit:

Mopro is the first all-in-one digital media package designed expressly for small businesses. Mopro specializes in creating websites, video, mobile, photos, social media, online ordering tools and more.  Members get exclusive access to the full MoPro package of 11 digital products and services in one bundle. NRA members can register for the full package at a significant discount. To learn more, visit them at     
North American LED
The partnership with North American LED provides a solution for restaurateurs as incandescent light bulbs are phased out in 2014. NALED is a leader in electronics and lighting solutions, carrying the leading manufacturers and offering our members a dedicated call center. NALED’s program can help restaurants save money in three ways:

1. High-quality LEDs at special member prices: Prices are lower than what big-box stores or local electrical contractors can provide.
2. Cost-savings information: NALED helps operators understand their cost savings by using an online calculator, available on a state-by-state basis.
3. Education: Members can get the most up-to-date data and latest developments on LED technology.

Get NALED's member-exclusive catalog at


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