Integrated Workforce Management -- A Key Strategy for Building Guest Satisfaction, Sales & Profits

  • 29 Nov 2011
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Webinar
Guest satisfaction is on everyone's mind these days, as it is defined by many as a key factor for measuring success. The enhanced, integrated workforce management tools now available to maximize the productivity of your labor force are becoming ever more important in achieving this guest satisfaction. In addition, these tools can help improve your sales and profit margin, as well as compliance with the established and pending healthcare reform laws.

Join us as a panel of industry experts and foodservice operators, directly involved with these subjects, discuss these key points and many others:

•Greater guest satisfaction and how it can be achieved not only through better employee training, but through better hires, better tracking of employee time and attendance practices and consistent application of employee review and reward practices.

•Integrated workforce management as a key to enhancing labor productivity, which, in turn, can help offset rising commodity and utility costs and the wage inflation likely to follow on the heels of product inflation.

•Federal healthcare reform. The final requirements of the recent sweeping federal healthcare reform law may change in the months ahead, as we move closer to the implementation date, but one thing is certain: better control and reporting of workforce matters will be critical in smartly managing some of the business-burden aspects of the law and reducing risk from unintentional violations of compliance requirements.

Alan Liddle
Managing Editor
Technology & Conferences
Nation's Restaurant News




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