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Get the latest information regarding EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) implementation in your restaurant. 


This series of articles is designed to help teach restaurateurs about the importance of being informed and vigilant regarding card data security and compliance at your restaurant.

By Bob Carr, Chief Executive Officer, Heartland Payment Systems®
Get Your Durbin Dollars
Heartland Payment Systems has developed a tool designed to educate members on the importance of being informed about the Durbin Amendment.
Hidden Card Processing Fees May Be Eating Into Your Profits.

What if you order a burger, and the price on the menu is $5.99? But when the check comes, you owe $10.99 undefined because your server didn't tell you about all the added fees for the ketchup, lettuce and more. You might think this is ridiculous. Yet, card processing costs are often hidden in a similar fashion.

You may have been promised a great rate undefined let's say 1.64 percent. But when you take a closer look, you are likely paying much more. Many processors quote a low rate to make the sale and fail to point out that only a small percentage of your transactions qualify for that rate. They don't tell you the remainder will be charged at a fee that could be as much as double or triple that low rate.

You can do something about this. You can slice hidden fees from your card processing costs undefined and reduce your out-of-pocket expense on every sale.

First, uncover your true rate … and then take a closer look at your monthly statement.

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