GRACE Awards® Nomination Criteria

All finalists must be current GRA members.

Restaurateur of the Year

  • Must demonstrate consistent standards of excellence and serve as an inspiration to other food professionals
  • Must show originality, quality and service to customers
  • Must contribute to the advancement and prestige of the foodservice industry
  • Must be actively engaged in Georgia’s foodservice industry for a minimum of the past three consecutive years
  • Must be a current member of the GRA

Industry Partner of the Year

  • An industry supplier who has contributed greatly to the advancement and prestige of the foodservice industry in the state of Georgia
  • Demonstrated support of the GRA and the Georgia hospitality industry and related concerns on national, local and state levels
  • Must be a current partner or sponsor member of the GRA

Distinguished Service Award

  • Demonstrated community service, charitable involvement and/or service to the GRA and the Georgia hospitality industry
  • Must provide leadership in the industry while maintaining high professional standards
  • Enhances the image of hospitality professionals to the community at large
  • Must be a current member of the GRA

The Innovator Award

  • Must demonstrate exemplary talent and promise for the future in any of the following hospitality related fields: culinary, entrepreneurial, political, or design
  • A visionary leader in foodservice: restaurant, catering, education, institutional or allied
  • Must have been working in Georgia for a minimum of 2 years
  • Must be a member and/or supporter of the GRA

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Must have an outstanding record of accomplishment in the foodservice industry. The significance of the nominee’s achievements should be reflected in their community reputation and the recognition they have received from their peers
  • Must have enjoyed a full career, having demonstrated leadership in the foodservice industry for a significant number of years
  • Demonstrated involvement/membership in the GRA throughout the years


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