ServSafe™ Alcohol Training Member Discount

For a limited time, Georgia Restaurant Association (GRA) Members SAVE 20% on all ServSafe Alcohol™ Online Courses.

Normal Rate: $30 | Promo Rate: $20
Promo Code: GRASSA

The ServSafe Alcohol™ Online Course & Exam puts current and comprehensive responsible alcohol service training programs at your fingertips.

Now your staff can receive complete and essential training at their convenience. This state-of-the-art online training and examination solution was developed with input from experts in the foodservice, regulatory, legal, academic, medical and insurance fields. The course is appropriate for your entire front-of-house staff and shows how they can
work together to prevent difficult situations.

The training comes to them. The learning stays with them.

The ServSafe Alcohol™ Online Course comes bundled with the choice of either the Primary or the Advanced Certification Exam, which must be selected at the time of purchase. Regardless of the examination option selected, all students experience the same online course content. Once students complete the online course, they will be able to begin their certification examination.

The Primary Exam covers all of the basics.

With the ServSafe Alcohol™ Primary Examination option, no proctor is required. This non-secure exam tests for basic responsible alcohol service knowledge. Passing confirms that students have studied and are knowledgeable about how to serve alcohol responsibly.

The Advanced Exam has more rigorous standards.

The ServSafe Alcohol™ Advanced Examination is a secured examination, meaning it has more rigorous standards of examination administration and development. Passing confirms that students have mastered the critical knowledge needed to be capable of providing responsible alcohol service. A registered proctor is required at the exam site for the student to access and begin the examination.


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