Serving as the Voice of Georgia's Restaurants

The GRA works to protect and add to the bottom line of our industry with pre-emptive legislation, protection from frivolous law suits, opportunities to volunteer in the local community and to support
Pro-Restaurant candidates.

It would cost each restaurant at least $100,000 to finance a Government Affairs team like the
GRA-PAC provides. The GRA provides adequate representation in local government on issues like immigration, training regulations, extending alcohol sales, and protecting the bottom line from
anti-restaurant legislation and regulations.

And the more members we have, the stronger our voice is heard.

See the latest on key issues affecting your business and what the GRA is doing to fight for
pro-restaurant legislation.


Informing you about the latest rules and regulations affecting your business. 


Proactively defending Georgia's restaurant 

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      Convenient and easy-to-read reports                  
Supporting legislation that supports

highlighting the GRA's accomplishments each        Georgia's restaurants.


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The Georgia Restaurant Association represents all restaurants.

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