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    U.S. Food and Drug Administration

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - September 5, 2013 - Chobani, Inc., of Twin Falls, Idaho is voluntarily recalling Greek Yogurt.

    The company has ceased the distribution of the product due to reports of product bloating and swelling and some claims of illness as the company continues its investigation to identify the root cause.

    The potentially affected product was distributed nationwide from its Twin Falls, Idaho facility and was delivered to consumers through retail and club stores.

    The products subject to recall are identified as follows:

    Best By Date Codes IMS Number Chobani Branded Products UPC Codes
    Sep 11 –13 (four digit time stamp) 
    Oct 07-13 (four digit time stamp)
    16-012 (three digit line number) Chobani 6 oz. cups – all flavors 
    Chobani 16 oz. tubs – all flavors 
    Chobani 32 oz. tubs – all flavors 
    Chobani 3.5 oz. cups – all flavors 
    Chobani Bite™ 3.5 oz. cups – all flavors 
    Chobani Flip™ 5.3 oz. containers – all flavors 
    Chobani Champions® cups 3.5 oz. – all flavors 
    Chobani Champions® tubes 2.25 oz., 8, 16 and 36 count – all flavors
    See attached list.

    Consumers who have purchased the product should discard the product and may contact the company's Customer Loyalty Team at or call us at 877-847-6181 between the hours of 9am and 5pm ET. Our team is diligently working to coordinate replacements or refunds and will be in touch as soon as possible during this time of very high contact volumes.

    The quality of Chobani products and the trust of its consumers are the company's primary concern, and it sincerely apologizes to its consumers impacted by this issue. Chobani holds itself to the highest standards and is committed to fully transparent and decisive action to rectify any identified issues.

    This voluntary recall is being conducted with the knowledge of the Food and Drug Administration.


    Description UPC Code
    12/6 oz. Chobani 0% Plain 8-94700-01001-4
    12/6 oz. Chobani 0% Vanilla 8-94700-01002-1
    12/6 oz. Chobani 0% Honey 8-94700-01003-8
    12/6 oz. Chobani 0% Strawberry 8-94700-01004-5
    12/6 oz. Chobani 0% Blueberry 8-94700-01005-2
    12/6 oz. Chobani 0% Peach 8-94700-01006-9
    12/6 oz. Chobani 0% Lemon 8-94700-01009-0
    12/6 oz. Chobani 2% Pineapple 8-94700-01010-6
    12/6 oz. Chobani 2% Passion Fruit 8-94700-01011-3
    12/6 oz. Chobani 0% Raspberry 8-94700-01012-0
    12/6 oz. Chobani 0% Pomegranate 8-94700-01015-1
    12/6 oz. Chobani 0% Black Cherry 8-94700-01016-8
    12/6 oz Chobani 0% Apple Cinnamon 8-94700-01017-5
    12/6 oz. Chobani 2% Plain 8-94700-01031-1
    12/6 oz. Chobani 2% StrawberryBanana 8-94700-01032-8
    12/6 oz. Chobani 2% Mango 8-94700-01033-5
    12/6 oz Chobani 0% Blood Orange 8-94700-01034-2
    12/6 oz Chobani 2% Banana 8-94700-01044-1
    12/6 oz Chobani 0% Pear 8-18290-01202-9
    12/6 oz Chobani 2% Apricot 8-18290-01258-6
    12/6 oz Chobani 0% Blackberry 8-18290-01259-3
    12/6 oz. Chobani 0% Key Lime Blend 8-18290-01271-5
    12/6 oz. Chobani 2% Coconut Blend 8-18290-01273-9
    12/6 oz. Chobani 2% Orange Vanilla Blend 8-18290-01274-6
    15/6 oz Chobani Blue 0% Club Pack, BB, Straw, Peach 8-18290-01216-6
    6/6 oz. Chobani 0% Peach 8-94700-01030-4
    6/6 oz Chobani 2% Pineapple 8-94700-01038-0
    6/6 oz Chobani 0% Black Cherry 8-94700-01039-7
    6/6 oz Chobani 0% Strawberry 8-94700-01040-3
    6/6 oz Chobani 0% Blueberry 8-94700-01041-0
    6/4/6oz Chobani 0% Key Lime Blend 8-18290-01275-3
    6/4/6oz Chobani 0% Raspberry Blend 8-18290-01276-0
    6/4/6oz Chobani 2% Coconut Blend 8-18290-01277-7
    6/4/6oz Chobani 2% Orange Vanilla Blend 8-18290-01278-4
    6/4/6oz Chobani 0% Vanilla Blend 8-18290-01279-1
    6/4/6oz Chobani 2% Strawberry Banana Blend 8-18290-01280-7
    6/4/6oz Chobani 0% Strawberry FOB 8-18290-01281-4
    6/4/6oz Chobani 0% Blueberry FOB 8-18290-01282-1
    6/4/6oz Chobani 0% Black Cherry FOB 8-18290-01283-8
    6/4/6oz Chobani 0% Peach FOB 8-18290-01284-5
    6/4/6oz Chobani 2% Pineapple FOB 8-18290-01285-2
    6/4/6oz Chobani 0% Blackberry FOB 8-18290-01286-9
    6/16 oz Chobani 0% Plain 8-94700-01007-6
    6/16 oz Chobani 0%Vanilla 8-94700-01008-3
    6/16 oz Chobani 2% Mango Blended 8-94700-01018-2
    6/16 oz Chobani 0% Peach Blended 8-94700-01029-8
    6/16 oz Chobani 2% Plain 8-94700-01037-3
    6/16 oz Chobani 2% Van Choc Chunk Blended 8-94700-01045-8
    6/16 oz Chobani 2% Pineapple Blended 8-94700-01046-5
    6/16 oz Chobani 0% Blueberry Blended 8-94700-01055-7
    6/16 oz Chobani 0% Black Cherry Blended 8-94700-01056-4
    6/32 oz. Chobani 0% Plain 8-94700-01013-7
    6/32 oz. Chobani 0% Vanilla 8-94700-01014-4
    6/32 oz. Chobani 0% Strawberry 8-94700-01026-7
    6/32 oz. Chobani 2% Plain 8-94700-01043-4
    6/32 oz. Chobani 0% Plain Club Pack 8-94700-10184-2
    6/4/3.5 oz Champions 1.5% Van Choc Chunk 8-94700-01048-9
    6/4/3.5 oz Champions 1.5% Very Berry 8-94700-01049-6
    6/4/3.5 oz Champions 1.5% Banana Honey 8-94700-01052-6
    6/4/3.5 oz Champions 1.5% Orange Vanilla 8-94700-01058-8
    6/4/3.5oz Champions 2% Strawberry 8-18290-01261-6
    6/4/3.5oz Champions 2% Blueberry 8-18290-01262-3
    6/4/3.5oz Champions 2% Strawberry Banana 8-18290-01263-0
    6/4/3.5oz Champions 2% Dragonfruit 8-18290-01264-7
    6/4/3.5 oz Chobani 0% Bite Raspberry w/ Dark Chocolate Chips 8-18290-01208-1
    6/4/3.5 oz Chobani 0% Bite Coffee w/ Dark Chocolate Chips 8-18290-01209-8
    6/4/3.5 oz Chobani 2% Bite Fig w/ Orange Zest 8-18290-01210-4
    6/4/3.5 oz Chobani 2% Bite Caramel w/ Pineapple 8-18290-01211-1
    6/4/3.5 oz Chobani 2% Bite Honey Ginger 8-18290-01213-5
    6/4/3.5 oz Chobani 0% Bite Mint Chocolate Chunk 8-18290-01293-7
    3/8/3.5oz Chobani 0% Strawberry/Peach 8-18290-01287-6
    3/8/3.5oz Chobani 0% Strawberry/Blueberry 8-18290-01288-3
    3/8/3.5oz Chobani 0% Black Cherry/Blackberry 8-18290-01289-0
    3/8/3.5oz Chobani 2% Mango/Pineapple 8-18290-01290-6
    4/4/3.5 oz 2% Champions Club BH/VB 8-94700-10102-6
    8/8/2.25 oz 1.5% Jammin Strawberry 8-18290-01204-3
    8/8/2.25 oz 1.5% Rockin Blueberry 8-18290-01205-0
    8/8/2.25 oz 1.5% Chillin Cherry 8-18290-01206-7
    8/8/2.25 oz 1.5% Swirlin Strawberry Banana 8-18290-01207-4
    8/8/2.25 oz 2% Flyin' Dragon Fruit 8-18290-01265-4
    6/16/2.25 oz Champs 1.5% Rockin Blueberry & Jammin Strawberry 8-18290-01225-8
    6/16/2.25 oz 1.5% Chillin Cherry & Swirlin Strawberry Banana 8-18290-01240-1
    6/36/2.25 oz Champs 1.5% CP Rockin Blueberry & Jammin Strawberry 8-18290-01230-2
    12/5.3 oz Chobani 0% Flip Strawberry Sunrise 8-18290-01226-5
    12/5.3 oz Chobani 1.5% Flip Key Lime Crumble 8-18290-01227-2
    12/5.3 oz Chobani 1.5% Flip Almond Coco Loco 8-18290-01228-9
    12/5.3 oz Chobani 0% Flip Vanilla Golden Crunch 8-18290-01229-6
    12/5.3 oz. Chobani 0% Flip Blueberry Power 8-18290-01247-0
    12/5.3 oz. Chobani 1.5% Flip Peachy Pistachio 8-18290-01248-7
    12/5.3 oz. Chobani 2% Flip Tropical Escape 8-18290-01249-4
    12/5.3 oz. Chobani 2% Flip Nutty for Nana 8-18290-01260-9


    Amy Juaristi


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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - September 3, 2013 - GoPicnic Brands, Inc. is voluntarily recalling two vegan ready-­to-­eat meals, GoPicnic Black Bean Dip & Plantain Chips and Hummus & Crackers, containing Professor Zim Zam’s Extraordinary Sweets Dark Chocolate with Orange and Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt. The chocolate products in these meals may contain an undeclared milk allergen.

    People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk run the risk of serious or life-­threatening allergic reaction if they consume the chocolate in the voluntarily recalled meals. However, this chocolate is safe to consume for individuals who do not suffer from a milk allergy. There have been no complaints or issues associated with the non-­chocolate items in these GoPicnic meals.

    Product was distributed nationwide through retail stores and direct delivery.

    Only the lot codes of GoPicnic meals containing the impacted chocolates are being voluntarily recalled. This action does not pertain to the newer updated menus of GoPicnic Black Bean Dip & Plantain Chips or GoPicnic Hummus & Crackers that do not contain these specific chocolate items.

    The ‘best by’ dates associated with the voluntarily recalled lot codes range from 9/24/2013 to 5/29/2014. Each meal’s ‘best by’ date is located adjacent to the lot code on the back of the meal box.

    The following is a revised list of product lots that are included in the voluntary recall; please disregard the original list found in the September 1, 2013 recall press release. GoPicnic apologizes for any confusion.

    GoPicnic Black Bean Dip & Plantain Chips Meal -­ lot codes:
    10773, 11063, M13107, M23107, M13137, M23137, M13165, M13175, M13182, M23182, M13197, M13201, M23204

    GoPicnic Hummus & Crackers Meal – lot codes:
    10303, 10373, 10383, 10503, 10513, 10523, 10623, 10663, 10793, 10803, 10923, M13106, 11063, M23107, M23143, 11143, M13115, M23136, M23137, M13144, 11483, M13151, M23151, M23152, M23164, M13171, M13176, M23176, M13183, M23183, M13184, M23184

    This voluntary recall by GoPicnic Brands is being conducted as the result of a recall of these chocolate products by G. Debbas Chocolatier, Inc., as the chocolate may contain undeclared milk particles. Debbas is a third-­party supplier to GoPicnic Brands, and manufactured the recalled chocolate. The GoPicnic meals containing these Debbas chocolate products were both distributed to U.S. retailers and distributors nationwide and made available for purchase on the Internet between 01/31/13 to 8/27/13. One customer with a known milk allergy reported feeling sick after consuming the chocolate.

    As part of a standard annual menu refresh, GoPicnic Brands had already discontinued these chocolate items from GoPicnic meals and ceased production and distribution of meals containing these chocolate items by July 23, 2013, more than 30 days prior to notification of the voluntary recall.

    “We sincerely apologize to our valued customers for any inconvenience or concern due to the mislabeled packaging,” said Julia Stamberger, CEO & President of GoPicnic Brands. “The health and safety of our customers is paramount to us and we are committed to providing our customers with safe meals that are produced, sourced and handled responsibly.”

    Consumers who have GoPicnic meals in their possession with the specific lot codes involved in the voluntary recall may visit icon to request a coupon for a replacement meal. Requests must include the meal lot number, ‘best by’ date, and a photo of a receipt or product package for each meal requesting replacement. Questions should be directed to GoPicnic Brands at 773-­328-­2490 Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. -­ 6 p.m. CST, or via email to the Customer Relations Department at For more information, visit our FAQ about the voluntary recall at icon.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been notified of this voluntary recall.


    Lauren Russ
    Connect Communications, Inc.

  • 09 Sep 2013 1:31 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August 28, 2013 – Premier Foods, LLC of Santa Fe Springs, CA is voluntarily recalling four flavored sauces due to the failure to declare the following allergens on the product labels: milk, soy, and/or wheat. The products were sold at Williams-Sonoma. People who have allergies to milk, soy, and/or wheat run the risk of serious or life-threatening reactions if they consume products containing these ingredients. Recalled products are identified as follows:

    Williams-Sonoma Brand Product Unit Size Undeclared Allergen(s)
    Meyer Lemon Braising Base


    12 – 1 lb. 8.5 oz. Retail units/case Milk, Soy, Wheat
    40 – Clove Garlic Chicken Braising Base 12 – 24.5 oz. Retail units/case Milk, Wheat
    Tagine Sauce 12 – 16 fl. oz. Retail units/case Milk, Wheat
    Artichoke Pecorino Sauce 12 – 16 fl. oz. Retail units/case Soy

    The products came in clear, glass jars. They were sold with product labels as listed above.

    Premier Foods, LLC immediately segregated its entire inventory of recalled products and has notified Williams-Sonoma directly. Consumers who have purchased the products should stop using them and return them to Williams-Sonoma for a full refund. Please contact Loreto Mauro at Premier Foods, LLC (562) 944-1858 for further information.

    Loreto Mauro
    (562) 944-1858

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    Whether you’re looking for healthy meal ideas or fun and free fitness activities for the whole family, Georgia SHAPE has you covered throughout September – the month to move in Georgia! Our own Georgia Grown Chefs have come up with tasty and healthy recipes for you to enjoy. Check them out here! Visit for other great tips, activities and prizes during this entire month!
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    Please find information on meeting dates for the 3rd Annual DeKalb International Food and Music Festival for the various participation levels.
    • Important information will be provided and all of your questions will be answered. 
    • You are more than welcome to bring your paperwork and festival registration fee to the meetings. Click here to download the 2013 DIFM Festival Executive Summary Application Form.
    Thursday, August 29 
    Where: Hampton Inn Atlanta | Northlake 3400 Northlake Pkwy | Atlanta 30345 
    When: 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
    • All Food Vendors
    • Consulates
    • International Contacts and Groups

    Thursday, September 12
    Where: Decatur Library 215 | Sycamore Drive | Decatur, GA 30030
    When: 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
    • Retail vendors, entertainment
    • Tomika Webb- Stage production

    Thursday, October 3
    Where: Decatur Library 215 | Sycamore Drive | Decatur, GA 30030
    When: 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
    • Food Vendors
    • Health Department

    Thursday, October 10
    Where: Decatur Library 215 | Sycamore Drive | Decatur, GA 30030
    When: 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
    • General Information “All” 

    Thursday, October 17
    Where: Decatur Library 215 | Sycamore Drive | Decatur, GA 30030
    When: 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
    • Final Instructions “All” 
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    National Restaurant Association 
    NRA spotlights the importance of food allergen awareness throughout September

    Chicago- As part of the restaurant industry’s ongoing commitment to food safety, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) will hold its annual National Food Safety Month (NFSM) this September. This year’s campaign will spotlight the increasing importance of food allergen awareness and build public knowledge for the restaurant and foodservice industry’s dedication to all aspects of food safety education and training.

    NFSM will highlight components of NRA’s ServSafe® Food Safety program particularly the recently launched ServSafe Allergens online course designed to help front- and back-of-the-house employees better accommodate the growing number of guests with food allergies.

    “Food safety and allergen training is a top priority for our nation’s nearly one million restaurant and food service establishments,” said William Weichelt, NRA’s ServSafe Director. “Food allergens affect more than 15 million Americans nationwide. Food safety education especially regarding allergens, is vital to restaurant operators across the country as they continue to provide high quality dining experiences to over 130 million guests daily. We look forward to highlighting the important strides NRA and our partners are making with food allergen awareness and training this September.”

    Food allergies affect more than 15 million Americans. To enhance their safety whenever they dine out, NRA partnered with FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) to create the ServSafe Allergens™ Online Course. Learn more at

    SCA, a global hygiene company and makers of the Tork® brand of away-from-home paper products is continuing their commitment to promoting food, and is a sponsor of National Food Safety Month. 2013 marks their third year of sponsorship.

    “SCA’s Tork brand is proud to be a National Food Safety Month sponsor for the third consecutive year,” said Suzanne Cohen, Marketing Director Foodservice SCA Americas. “As food allergies are on the rise, understanding the precautions required when serving guests with these allergies is critical. We want to make sure our partners in the foodservice industry know how to take the appropriate actions in order to avoid serious allergic reactions.”

    NRA highlighted the increasing importance of food allergy training through their video entitled “Avoid Reaction by Taking Action.” You can view the video here.

    About National Food Safety Month
    The National Restaurant Association’s National Food Safety Month was created in 1994 to heighten awareness about the importance of food safety education. Each year, a new theme and free training activities and posters are created for the restaurant and foodservice industry to help reinforce proper food safety practices and procedures. The training materials are based on the association’s ServSafe food safety training and certification program, which is the industry’s gold standard for such programs. For more information, visit

    About Tork®
    The Tork brand offers professional hygiene products and services to customers ranging from restaurants and healthcare facilities to offices, schools and industries. Products include dispensers, paper towels, toilet tissue, soap, napkins and industrial and kitchen wipers. Through expertise in hygiene, functional design and sustainability, Tork has become a market leader. Tork is a global brand of SCA, and a committed partner to customers in over 80 countries. To keep up with the latest Tork news and innovations, please visit: or

    About SCA
    SCA is a global hygiene and forest company that develops and produces personal-care products, tissue, publication papers and solid-wood products. Sales are conducted in some 100 countries. SCA has many well-known brands, including the global brands TENA and Tork. Sales in 2011 amounted to SEK 106 billion (EUR 11.7 billion). SCA has approximately 37,000 employees. For more information about SCA, please visit:


    Founded in 1919, the National Restaurant Association is the leading business association for the restaurant industry, which comprises 980,000 restaurant and foodservice outlets and a workforce of more than 13 million employees. We represent the industry in Washington, D.C., and advocate on its behalf. We operate the industry's largest trade show (NRA Show May 17-20, 2014, in Chicago); leading food safety training and certification program (ServSafe); unique career-building high school program (the NRAEF's ProStart); as well as the Kids LiveWell program promoting healthful kids' menu options. For more information, visit and find us on Twitter @WeRRestaurants, Facebook and YouTube.

    View this release online:

    More news and information from the National Restaurant Association:
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    Savor the Date
    Sunday Nov. 3rd  | 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.  | hosted at Serenbe

    Atlanta Les Dames d’Escoffier International is hosting their 13th Annual "Afternoon in the Country," which includes inspired tastings by more than 90 renowned culinary artists, winemakers and brewers, live music, expansive silent auction, famous cake raffle, hayrides and children’s activities.

    Proceeds benefit Georgia’s growing organic farming community and the scholarship fund for women in the culinary, beverage and hospitality arts.

    Tickets are $125 for adults 21 and older, $35 for youth 13-20, and free for children 12 and under.

    Visit for tickets and details!
  • 30 Aug 2013 10:42 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Guest Mixologist Series
    A special mixologist series will be launching during Fernbank's Martinis & IMAX event that will be held two Friday’s per month in September, October and  November at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History

    To spice things up during the event, they are looking to feature a guest mixologist with a new take on a traditional martini,  a signature cocktail from the restaurant’s menu, or something they create for the evening.

    If you are interested in participating, or need assistance with pre-promotion, onsite setup and supplies or marketing materials, please contact Tara Murphy at
  • 28 Aug 2013 8:38 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    At Turner Field, the Atlanta Braves proudly recognized TEAM Georgia for its 25 years of service prior to Sunday’s baseball game with the Washington Nationals. TEAM Georgia is the state’s premier safe and sober driving coalition made up of the hospitality industry and other business leaders, public safety officials, citizens and members of Atlanta sporting teams and venues.

    In appreciation for TEAM Georgia’s years of service and commitment to Atlanta Braves fans and the local community, Atlanta Braves’ outfielder Reid Johnson presented an autographed baseball bat to Team Georgia Chairman Ron Fennel, Treasurer Bob Wilson and Executive Director Bob Cucchi on the field. The inscription: “Thank you TEAM Georgia 25 years of service” signed by Reed Johnson #7.

    TEAM Georgia manages and operates the designated driver booth at Turner Field with its partner, Budweiser through its Good Sport Program. TEAM Georgia’s goal is to educate and secure fan commitment to be designated drivers and encourage all fans to act responsibly, particularly on the roadways and waterways of our state.

    TEAM Georgia Designated Driver Booths are located at Turner Field, the Georgia Dome, Philips Arena and the Gwinnett Arena. Designated Driver Booth volunteers encourage fans to secure a designated driver when attending sporting, music and cultural events at these venues. Volunteers seek fans to sign up as designated drivers prior to and during games at these professional sporting venues. Since the Designated Driver Booth programs began, over 320,000 individuals have pledged to serve as Designated Drivers and received information on impaired driving and Georgia’s DUI laws.

    For more information on TEAM Georgia please visit or call 770-490-1243.

  • 27 Aug 2013 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    The ACF Atlanta Chefs Association is preparing to put together a Student Hot Food Team. Interested in trying out for this year's team? Download an application and return to by September 3, 2013.


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