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Webinar with Mayors: What Will Your City Be Like Without Restaurants?

Panel will talk about challenges restaurants face & how Mayors can help

Monday, October 19, 2020
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EDT)

Event Details

What Will Your City Be Like Without Restaurants? Ways To Help Your Local Restaurants Survive the Upcoming Cold Weather and Second Wave.
Once colder weather returns, it usually means the end of outdoor seating, walk up pickups, etc. in many localities. Combined with the possibility of a second wave of the coronavirus, this most likely will mean more restaurant closures and more layoff workers. What will your community be like without restaurants? It could be happening before you know it, if steps aren’t taken now to assist this industry now.
Mayors can play a major role in galvanizing community support for local restaurants. This webinar, sponsored in conjunction with the National Restaurant Association, will focus on steps mayors can take with their local restaurateurs to keep these businesses thriving in their cities. Join with other mayors and leading restaurant owners, to learn what actionsteps can be taken now.
We encourage Mayors to watch this webinar along with restaurateurs in your community at a local restaurant or some other safe environment, and discuss with afterwards some of the actions that might work in your city. 
Please send any specific questions for the panel in advance to Tom McClimon of the conference staff at or Jocelyn Bogen at, so we can make sure they are addressed.
You will receive a unique link to log in to the webinar so please be sure to register each individual person from your city who will be attending
Featured Speakers

  • Rosalynn Bliss, Mayor of  Grand Rapids
  • Shane Bemis, Former Mayor of Gresham, Restaurateur
  • Sean Kennedy, Executive Vice President of Public Affairs, National Restaurant Association