Advocacy Highlights


  • Defeated $.05 per transaction fee (City of Savannah, 2018)
  • Elimination of bard cards and background checks; replaced with online alcohol training (City of Savannah, Macon-Bibb County, City of Statesboro, 2018)
  • Defeated the bundling of alcohol permits, which would have tripled the price (City of Atlanta, 2018)




  • Defeat of Electronic Discovery Bill (HB 1017, 2016)
  • Supported the creation of Georgia Business Court, which streamlines business litigation court proceedings. (SB 110, 2019)


  • Rate Case (2019)
  • Ensuring all counties in the state operate by the FDA Food Code (HB 885, 2016)


  • Supported Georgia Grown Commission creation, increasing brand awareness (HB 298, 2013)
  • Supported permit by rule composting facility with Food Well Alliance


  • Food Donation Tax, which got rid of sunset tax provision (HB 763, 2016)
  • An employer can get a tax credit if they pay for their employee to get a GED (HB 63, 2015)

Wage/Hour Labor

  • Since 2004, Georgia has prohibited its cities and counties from establishing local minimum wages above the federal minimum wage, which applies in Georgia because its state minimum wage is below the federal minimum.
  • Preemptive Scheduling (HB 243, 2017)
    • Local governments may not create or adopt minimum wage laws or laws that require "additional pay to employees based on schedule changes."


Wage/Hour Labor

  • Tip Credit
  • Joint employer
  • WOTC