GRA Political Action Committee

The GRA PAC is the only Political Action Committee dedicated to serving the restaurant industry in Georgia. Your support of the GRA PAC strengthens our advocacy efforts to protect your bottom line from burdensome government mandates.

Made possible through your contributions and commitment to the industry, the GRA PAC's purpose is to:


The GRA PAC offers workshops, produces issue briefs, position papers and other materials to educate our members and elected officials about restaurant industry positions.


The GRA PAC works to protect the bottom line for the entire food service industry. By working with regulators and candidates for office, the GRA PAC is always protecting what matters most to you.


The GRA PAC engages in activities to enhance the advocacy position of the association through hosting events that recognize our members and elected officials for their work on behalf of the industry.


The GRA PAC promotes the restaurant industry’s importance to the Georgia economy and community by increasing the presence of our elected officials at industry events and highlighting industry achievements in our local communities.

For more information about the GRA PAC or to contribute, contact us.