Georgia Grown Executive Chef Program

The Georgia Department of Agriculture's Georgia Grown campaign has partnered with the Georgia Restaurant Association for a statewide, Georgia Grown Executive Chef program.

From Left: Georgia Grown Culinary Marketing Specialist Olivia Radar, Georgia Grown Senior Executive Chef Holly Chute, GRA President + CEO Karen Bremer, GRA Board Chair Justin Triplett, Chef Robert Butts, GA Dept. of Agriculuture Commissioner Tyler Harper, GA First Lady Marty Kemp, Governor Brian Kemp, Chef Kristina Dahl, Chef Ray Kees 


To create a statewide, Georgia Grown Executive Chef program to promote and foster relationships between chefs and farmers. The program will create a mark of honor and distinction for each chef involved, and garner a greater awareness both among restaurateurs and consumers about the availability of quality, local products on Georgia’s restaurant scene.

Every year, the new class of Georgia Grown Executive Chefs are honored at the GRA's Taste of Georgia Legislative Reception.

Georgia Grown Executive Chefs


Chef Robert Butts, Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours

Chef Kristina Dahl, Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia | Helms College

Chef Karl Gorline, the Woodall

Chef Ray Kees, Krystal Restaurants

Chef Matthew Raiford, Gilliard Farms

2020 - 2022

Jamie Adams

Alex Friedman

Timothy Magee

Jessica Rothacker

Maricela Vega

Peter Vossenberg


Julio Delgado

Jessica Gamble

Greg Lipman

Thomas McKeown

Christian Perez

Deborah VanTrece​


Evan Cordes

Julian Goglia

Chef Jason Jimenez

Brian David Jones

Zach Meloy

Christian Rodriguez

Chef Todd White


Chef Rusty Bowers

Chef Megan Brent

Chef Cynthia Graubart

Chef Dusty Grove

Chef Nick Leahy

Chef Jason Paolini​


Chef David Larkworthy

Chef Savannah Haseler

Chef Douglas Turbush

Chef Seth Freedman

Chef Derek Dollar


Chef Matthew Basford

Chef Cathy Conway

Chef Jay Swift

Chef John Syzmanski


Senior Director Gary Coltek

Chef Roberto Leoci

Chef Marc Taft

Chef Virginia Willis


Chef Jennifer Hill Booker

Chef Linton Hopkins

Chef Ahmad Nourzad

Chef David Snyder


Chef Holly Chute

Chef Michael Deihl

Chef Kevin Gillespie

Chef Hilary White