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Restaurant Legal Savings Program

By enrolling in the Restaurant Legal Savings Program, TFH Legal becomes your company’s legal department at greatly reduced rates.  Avoiding the highly-leveraged law firm model adopted by some firms, TFH is uniquely positioned to service your company’s legal needs with hands-on service by experienced attorneys who are responsive and accessible, and who work shoulder to shoulder with you to meet your needs and goals. 


About TFH Legal

Taylor, Feil, Harper & Lumsden, P.C. d/b/a TFH Legal is a full service commercial law firm, serving entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 clients since its genesis over forty years ago. As a full service firm, we provide  a "one stop shop" for our clients, but we do so in a small firm setting. By avoiding the larger highly leveraged law firm model, we are able to provide personal attention by experienced lawyers and to better control fees charged - both of which seem to be appreciated by our clients.

We provide a wide range of commercial legal services including corporate and transactional, litigation, employment, intellectual property, real estate, regulatory, and other services to a diversified client base. Although many of our clients are located in Georgia, we also serve clients located in other states, as well as national and international companies.


TFH Legal Understands Your Business

Among other business sectors, a significant segment of our client base is the hospitality industry; a natural consequence of our beverage alcohol regulatory services, which we have been providing since our inception forty years ago.  As a full service firm, we are uniquely positioned to service most of the legal needs of those in the hospitality business community, including the niche area of beverage alcohol regulatory services.

The attorneys at Taylor, Feil, Harper & Lumsden, P.C. (“TFH”) have over 100 years of combined
hospitality and beverage-alcohol industry experience. Since its inception in 1978, the full-service commercial firm has had a heavy focus on the hospitality industry and, more specifically, the beverage alcohol


Reduced Legal Rates

Our standard partner rates range from $350 - $460 per hour, and our associate/of counsel rates range from $200 - $300 per hour. Under the Restaurant Legal Savings Program, however, the client will pay reduced hourly rates.