Valdosta restaurants excited to benefit from Sunday morning alcohol sales

GRA News,


Valdosta businesses seen green on Sunday after finally being allowed to sell alcohol during late breakfast hours.

Thanks to the brunch bill.

The brunch bill has been in the works for years.

Now, restaurants can serve an hour and a half earlier than before, starting at 11am

The Georgia Restaurant association says that time change could help places see about $25,000 dollars more each year.

"There's a lot of people here and we had to wait to get in here so it must be working," said Bill Gibson, Friends Grille and Bar Customer.

Bill Gibson is one of the many in Valdosta who packed Friends Grille and Bar Sunday to celebrate the new Brunch Bill.

Valdosta City Council passed it a month ago allowing alcohol sales on Sundays starting at 11am instead of 12:30pm.

"I think the new bill is great. It provides us with drinks earlier in the day and who doesn't like that," said Gibson.

The Friends Grille and Bar manager Rylan Dahl says everyone has.

"People are loving it. Everyone is super excited for the Brunch Bill. We've had people coming in just for it thanks to our Instagram and Facebook...telling people we're serving at eleven now..people are just coming in ready to go for it," said Dahl.

A longer wait than usual is something the restaurant expected.

Even bartenders believe they'll see a boost.

"I think as far as the restaurant industry's gonna improve our sales. It's a big draw here. People come in for our pitchers...bottomless mimosas...people get that extra hour and I think it's gonna improve all restaurant businesses in this town," said Lauren Brooks, Bartender at Friends Grille and Bar.

Helping the community and staff members in the restaurant industry is what Dahl says makes this so special.

"At the end of the day...we need the money to keep the business going. It's definitely important as will help the staff with tips being able to serve alcohol a little bit earlier. The tax money for the community and the city as well...will help as well," said Dahl.

Valdosta is one of nearly 100 Georgia municipalities that passed the bill.

There are some restrictions the restaurant or bar can only sell until midnight and the retailer needs to have a Sunday sales license.