3 Ways Tech Improves the Human Touch

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3 Ways Tech Improves the Human Touch

It’s all hands-on deck for Georgia restaurants as more people are finding more reasons to get out for the night or for a big celebration. Whether you’re short-staffed or filling seasonal gaps, there’s good news: technology can not only help you bridge the labor gap but bolster the human touch. 


Incorporating technology into your team is proving to be a pivotal strategy for many Georgia restaurants. From handheld point of sale (POS) systems that allow servers to send orders directly from table to the kitchen, to QR Code Ordering that makes it possible for customers to order directly at the table using their mobile device, to Kitchen Display Screens (KDS) that reduce paper and confusion back-of-house, adding technology to your team is enabling Georgia restaurateurs to do more, with less, and do it better. We asked restaurants who are using a robust technological strategy about the impetus—and impact—of their tech update. Here’s what they shared with us:


Technology is helping us turn more tables in less time.

When you streamline operations using handheld devices, and direct-to-kitchen ordering, you not only reduce the risk of mistakes, but help ensure guests are seated, served, and given their checks in a timely manner–—so you can serve more guests in less time (even if you have less servers).


With key technological insights, we are keeping more tables full.

Tech can not only improve your in-person operations but also enhance your forecasting. In fact, restaurants using reservations systems from companies like SpotOn have experienced reductions in no-shows by more than 80% as a result of letting guests book reservations or add themselves to a waitlist.


We are able to be more targeted thanks to data insights and can increase repeat visits.

With tech in place, it’s easy to collect customer data, like email address and phone numbers. This info can then be used to create targeted marketing campaigns to bring those customers back in—improving loyalty, driving repeat visits and increasing sales.


While adopting new technologies can be intimidating, feedback from restaurants who have implemented these systems shows the incredible incentive. More customers, happier customers, and higher profit margins are pretty compelling reasons to consider a strategy that gives you more time to do what you do best—create meaningful culinary experiences for your customers.