7 Popular Restaurant Reports to Track Sales

Posted By: Chrissy Ouellette (deleted) Finance, Restaurant Operations, Point of Sale,

Sales reports are a great way to gain insight into your business. What products are selling well? What days do you make the most sales? Who are your top customers? Answering these questions can help you make data-informed decisions for your business and create sales goals for the year to come. Too often, sales reports are confusing and time-consuming to break down, but with the SpotOn Restaurant Reporting app, you get straightforward, daily reports on your dashboard so you can spend less time analyzing data and more time creating an exceptional customer experience. Here a just a few of the the most popular restaurant reporting features that can help your business.


Need real-time information at a glance to get an overview of how your restaurant is performing? Simply check out your dashboard by logging into our reporting site or using our free mobile app to see key metrics and charts that detail your performance for any day. 

Daily Sales Recap

Here's where you'll find all of the key numbers for the business day in one report. Easily customize the time period to find exactly what you’re looking for.
SpotOn Restaurant Reporting App: Daily Sales


Find whatever it is you're looking for fast. Our powerful search functionality helps you look up specific orders, customers, or transactions within a date range.

Product Mix

Get an in-depth view of what you’re selling. Click on any item to see sales by hour, top customers, and which items are most often ordered to gain better insight into your guests' ordering habits.SpotOn Restaurant Reporting App: Product Mix

Hourly Sales

Track sales in real-time, or use this feature to see previous days’ sales, checks, and check average by hour.

Employee Sales

Your team is the lifeblood of your restaurant, and this intuitive report makes it easy to understand who is selling , who's giving discounts, and what each server's average sales per check is.

Employee Time

Manage employee shifts and schedules better than ever before while keeping a close watch on potential overtime hours with this detailed report on all your employees’ hours. 

Sales reports are a crucial tool to help you gain insight into your customers’ spending habits. Check the Reporting App daily to create effective sales strategies and supercharge your business in the new year.