Are you attracting the right talent?

Human Resources,
By Mercedes Concepcion-Gray, Chief Growth Officer at Coalescence, Inc.
In 2017, restaurant and foodservice jobs comprised 10% of the state of Georgia’s employment (446,600 jobs). By 2027, that number is projected to grow by 15.7%. Competition is tight, and the industry is not drawing enough talent to meet the demand.
Retention starts by making the right hire. Before you recruit and hire anyone, make sure you clearly define what success looks like for the open positions. According to global HR consulting firm NGA Human Resources, 45% of candidates turned down jobs in 2017 because the employer failed to impress them.  
Why else do job seekers turn down offers?
  • Better offer elsewhere (56%)
  • Lower than expected salary (49%)
  • Actual position was not consistent with the job posting or advertisement (44%)
The right job posting/ads should:
  • Answer the question (in a candidate’s mind) “Why would I want to work at this company?”
  • Pass the (candidate’s) “What’s in it for me?” test
  • Tell WHY this is a good opportunity (opportunity for growth, strong leadership team, culture)
Let’s fast forward a bit. After you’ve recruited and hired talent, how do you retain them? With a mere 31% of new hires staying beyond the first year, many employers miss the opportunity to implement the proper processes and training. Plan to avoid becoming part of that percentage.
 Why new hires leave:
  • 39% are unhappy with their role and responsibilities
  • 27% cite poor company culture
  • 18% cite poor onboarding
  • 17% cite personality conflicts/not getting along with management/colleagues
Top Talent Stay when they are:
  • Paid Well
  • Mentored
  • Challenged
  • Promoted
  • Involved
  • Appreciated
  • Valued
  • On a Mission
  • Empowered
  • Trusted
Bottom line: put yourself in your candidates’ shoes. Define your target, set clear expectations, and focus on the long-term fit. 
About the Author
Mercedes Concepcion-Gray is Chief Growth Officer of Coalescence, Inc, a regional division of Patrice & Associates, recruiting top talent for all services within the Food & Beverage industry. Contact Mercedes at