Enhance Your Outdoor Dining Experience

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Enhance Your Outdoor Dining Experience

As the temperatures continue to rise in Georgia, providing customers an al fresco dining experience is becoming even more appealing. For many restaurants, outdoor dining can double or even triple the amount of space offered to guests. While this is enticing for both restaurant staff and customers, providing a good outdoor dining experience is not as simple as setting up tables and chairs outside. It takes careful planning and training to enhance the guest experience. Here are some helpful tips to consider throughout the planning process. 

Monitor daily weather forecasts and make plans to appropriately respond to forecasted weather events like rain, wind and lightning that could affect outdoor dining. Consider installing an overhang to protect customers from rain or implementing a rapid move-in plan should inclement weather suddenly occur.

Design an outdoor dining environment that goes well beyond aesthetic elements. Pay close attention to the flow of service, from seating guests to serving them. Install clear signage for all entrances and exits. Additionally, set up convenient server stations for optimal service delivery.

Encourage managers to examine walkways for cords or other obstructions that may lead to a slip, trip and fall accident as guests are guided to outside seating. Be sure outdoor spaces are adequately illuminated to ensure customers and employees can safely navigate the area.

Keeping customers safe on a patio comes down to what is within the restaurant’s control, and that means reinforcing safety measures among your employees. Review policies and procedures regularly to keep both staff and guests safe.

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