Hiring Tips to Find the Perfect Fit

Hiring Tips to Find the Perfect Fit

It is always important to find employees who are the right fit for your company. With the current challenges of filling your team, it can be easy to forget the factors that make a potential new employee an ideal candidate. While it can be tempting to hire the first person who is available, it is more important than ever to make sure open job positions are filled with people that have the potential to succeed in the position.


Here are some tips to ensure that your hiring process is successful:


  • Make sure your interview setting is comfortable. This will put you and the candidate at ease during the interview, allowing conversation to flow easier and making it easier to get to know the person you are interviewing.


  • Keep the interview on track! You may want to begin by giving the candidate a brief description of the company itself and the job duties. After that, the candidate will have the opportunity to ask any questions. This sets up the parameters of the interview, keeps you both focused, and gives the candidate an idea of what to expect.


  • Review the candidate’s resume before the interview. This may seem obvious, but it shows the candidate that you are interested in their previous work experiences and will help you have a more productive interview.


  • Go over the basics! Ask about these five skills, regardless of the position: communication, customer focus, honesty, responsibility, teamwork and trustworthiness.


  • Conduct a proper and fair employee background check: an effective way to discover potential issues that could hurt your business. Also, look into the candidate’s motor vehicle record (MVR) if the candidate will be driving.


  • After the interview, take some time to check the candidate’s references and inquire about his or her skills, work ethic and work history. Reliability, honesty and a solid work ethic are always important factors to consider. Make sure to have notes to discuss on the phone with references, and always keep your questions strictly job-related!


  • Don’t rush the process! Although it can be extremely tempting to hire someone on the spot after their first interview to quickly fill the position, make sure to be thorough in your research. It will only cost you more time later to have to find a new candidate if the first one turns out not to be a good fit.


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