Make your restaurant's delivery service faster and more accurate


By: Boelter

Not long ago, receiving a pizza in 30 minutes or less sounded like a miracle! Making good on that promise of speed was a matter of planning, food prep, efficient workflows and reliable employees on the phones and in delivery cars. Enter the digital age. Because of the internet, mobile technology and the surge in online ordering, the 30-minute standard has all but been shattered. Fast and accurate delivery is now an expectation, not a miracle.

We live in an on-demand society and competition within the food service industry is fiercer than ever. The promise of receiving your meal–straight from the kitchen to your front door–hot, fresh and as fast as possible has become a service standard many restaurants are facing. So, how can you "deliver" on customer expectations?

Regardless of whether the delivery is being made by an employee of the restaurant or by a third-party vendor, speedy delivery and order accuracy is a must. The increasing connection between app-driven delivery services and restaurants of all sizes means that this level of service isn't going away any time soon. If anything, standards will only get more demanding.

Use this checklist to enhance the speed and accuracy of your delivery orders:

  • DOUBLE CHECK: Have an employee check each order to make sure everything is right before leaving the restaurant. It's easier to catch and fix a mistake at the restaurant than at the customer's front door.

  • SEND THE TOTAL PACKAGE: Include all of the essentials that go with your food, like sauces, seasonings or sides, that can impact the experience the customer has at home. Use a checklist to avoid missing anything.

  • UNDER-PROMISE, OVER-DELIVER: If you quote a 45-minute delivery time, make sure that 45 minutes is the absolute longest it will take your driver to arrive at the customer’s front door. Managing expectations is key.

  • SYNC UP: Coordinate so that the food is ready when the driver is ready. Getting the timing right maintains freshness and keeps your delivery schedule on track.

Take these steps, and you'll be on the "fast track" to food delivery success. That way, you can get the right food to the right customer at the right time. If you want more advice for keeping those orders fresh and piping hot, check out our tips for starting and perfecting your food delivery service.