Minimum Wage Increase CANNOT Be Included in COVID Relief Bill

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Raise the Wage Act/COVID Relief Update
Breaking last night, the US Senate Parliamentarian, Elizabeth MacDonough, made ruled that the Raise the Wage Act could NOT be included in the budget reconciliation bill, which includes $1.9 trillion for COVID relief, as it does not comply with budget rules. 

Obviously, we know the push to increase the national minimum wage to $15/hour will not go away simply because it was not included in this particular attempt. We will continue to work with our federal Legislators and our national partners to express our concerns for the restaurant industry. 

We will keep you updated and will be reaching out to you with more details on how you can help us spread the word that increasing the minimum wage to $15/hour and removing the tip credit would be detrimental to Georgia's restaurant industry as we try to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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