The Top 10 Best Mobile Offers for Gaining Repeat Restaurant Customers

Marketing + PR,
By Boelter

According to a study from the National Restaurant Association, 30 percent of consumers say that technology encourages them to dine out more often.

So, if they’re going out anyway, why not use their smartphones to bring them into your restaurant? If a diner has already enjoyed your restaurant enough to download your app, you’re already well on your way to having a new regular!

Here, we’ll describe 10 mobile offers that you can send to your clients to encourage them to dine with you again.  
1.  One-Time Offers
Keep your promotions and specials interesting by giving out One-Time Offers throughout the year. One-Time Offers are offers your customer can use once over a certain period of time. For example, the Bavarian Bierhaus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin offers a new One-Time Offer to their customers on the 1st of every month. This allows them to drive business towards certain menu items, events or times of day. They are also easy to track!
2.  Birthday Clubs
There is no better way to make a customer feel valued than by sending them something special for their birthday. Whether it be on the big day itself, for their birthday week, or even their birthday month, offering them a free dessert, appetizer upgrade, or reason to come in and celebrate will make them that much more likely to bring their friends and family in for some birthday fun.

3.  Loyalty programs
Paper punch or plastic scanning cards were once the most common loyalty cards, but those are now in the technological past. Make it much easier for diners to build their loyalty by offering in-app loyalty programs. With these programs, customers can receive rewards for dollars spent or specific menu items purchased, and they won’t have to worry about keeping that paper punch card in their wallet. You won’t have any unhappy customers who have lost their loyalty cards.

4.  Time of Day Focused Rewards
Reward your customers for visiting you on days you’re less busy. For example, if you want to increase business during happy hour, offer a reward on their loyalty card every time they visit during this time. Once they have visited a certain number of times, they could receive a drink on you. When your customers are debating about where to go for happy hour, they will visit your place knowing there is something more in it for them in the long run.

5.  Community Involvement
There are always events happening in or around your community. Partnering with local organizations will not only spread your restaurant’s name, it will help increase business on the day of the event. For example, ask event attendees to bring in their mobile or paper ticket stubs for a 20% discount after the event. If they have your app downloaded or download your app throw in a free cocktail or beer.
6.  Upgrades vs. Discounts
People get used to discounts. They come to expect them from certain places. However, they don’t get used to getting things for free or to upgrades. Upgrading your customers or offering them something for free because of their loyalty program membership makes them feel special and provides a VIP experience. For example, on Wednesday Wing Night offer app users a baker’s dozen of wings instead of the standard half dozen for the same price.

7.  Seasonal Loyalty Programs
Keeping your loyalty program fresh and interesting is key to staying top of mind. The value of having a digital loyalty program is that it doesn’t have to be long term. You can change it up, put expiration dates on offers, or make them seasonal. For example, have a seasonal Oktoberfest loyalty program. Purchase 5 Oktoberfest steins in September and get your 6th stein of beer free.

8.  Giveaways
Give people a chance to win something! When a customer checks-in to your restaurant using their mobile app, enter them into a contest for the chance to win a $50 gift card, or a free t-shirt, tickets to a festival, etc. Use your push notifications and social media channels to promote the contest and to announce the winner. This will help increase the number of app downloads and the number of visits to your restaurant.

9.  Flash Deals
Offer short term flash deals enticing customers to act NOW. For example, send a message to all of your customers stating, “The first 20 people to show us this offer on their mobile app tonight get your dinner free!” This will give your customers a sense of urgency and exclusivity at the same time.

10.  First Beer Free
Who couldn’t be persuaded out of the house with a free beer? Offer those diners who have just downloaded your restaurant’s app a free beer. This offer is particularly effective on off nights like Tuesday or Wednesday. Giving them their first beer free, will let them know they made a good decision when they downloaded the app, and will help remind them to keep their notifications on and app accessible.

For all these mobile offers to become a reality, you restaurant first needs a mobile app. With Boelter Blue, any of the above ideas are possible. Boelter Blue lets you personalize your app so that customers can interact with you the way they want to, on their phones.