Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

By Society Insurance


Typically, restaurant and bar operators and other businesses will hire seasonal employees to help during the summer months when tourists are driving increased demand for services. There are several ways of attracting applicants. Resources such as social media, local job boards and school reach-outs can help reduce the cost of advertising. Outsourcing a staffing agency to find temporary work is an option as well if pressed for time. When hiring seasonal staff,  the following five tips can help restaurant and bar operators find the most qualified candidates:


  1. Partner with a Staffing Agency: To find talented candidates quickly and with minimal effort, restaurant operators should consider hiring a staffing agency to do the heavy lifting. These agencies save time by conducting interviews and providing an applicant pool of candidates that are a good fit based on the positions needed. This applicant pool may be filled with candidates looking for varying types of employment including temporary, temp-to-hire, full-time and more.
  2. Set Clear Expectations: Whether meeting directly with applicants or working through a staffing agency, business owners should provide as much detail as possible about the position and be clear about the duration of the job (seasonal only or opportunity for permanent employment).
  3. Consider Hiring Students or Retirees: Students on break often are looking for short-term employment. Business owners can reach this group by placing ads at local high schools and universities. Retirees look for supplemental income for hobbies and vacations. If a student or retiree is a good employee, let them know they can come back next year. It’s far easier to retain a good employee than it is to find another
  4. Start Looking Far in Advance:  Operators should start searching for candidates as soon as they know that seasonal help will be needed. Start with free resources like social media, local job boards and schools before reaching out to staffing agencies, unless you are pressed for time.
  5. Know Seasonal Employment Liabilities: Hiring seasonal workers can come with liabilities. Operators should consult with legal counsel on regulations such as state labor laws, overtime exemptions and workers’ compensation for seasonal workers and identify potential liabilities. They also should acknowledge the duration of employment in interviews and have new employees sign a formal offer letter before the start date.


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