Four Meaningful Benefits to Attract Quality Employees

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Four Meaningful Benefits to Attract Quality Employees

By Society Insurance


Today’s job market is competitive, but salary is not the only thing that attracts prospective employees to a company. Benefits are just as important, if not more so. Here are four benefits that can make or break employee recruitment and retention efforts.


1. Health benefits

The rising cost of healthcare can chip away at employees’ well-being, so health, dental and vision plans are essential to help them feel secure. In addition to offering options in healthcare plans, pre-tax benefits like Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts allow employees to set funds aside for medical expenses. Convenient telemedicine options add value to these benefits. 

2. Flexibility and PTO

Work-life balance is important to employees, especially those who are caring for children or other relatives. Flexible schedules let people work around the unexpected and plan for appointments without having to worry about taking time off. Paid time off is critical to avoid employee burnout. Studies show a strong correlation between taking PTO and higher morale, higher productivity and lower absenteeism.


3. Student loan or tuition assistance

Higher education can leave people with extensive student loan debt so any assistance in that area will be a draw for younger talent. When tuition assistance is tied to years of service with a company, it can help with retention efforts.


4. Continuing education

There’s always more to learn in any career. Access to education is key in staying up to date on industry developments. Investing in continuing education for employees can show them a clear path to promotion within a company.


Understanding what motivates prospective employees can help companies tailor their compensation packages and hire high-quality candidates.


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