New: a free calculator to see your restaurant's potential profit margin

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It’s no secret that more guests in your restaurant is good for business—and the more empty seats in your restaurant, the more you’re missing out.

But do you know how much your empty seats actually cost your restaurant each night?

The Restaurant Occupancy Calculator by Seated can show you.

Seated created this free tool to allow restaurant operators to visualize their occupancy and see the financial impact that empty seats have on their profits—a hidden cost that’s been plaguing the industry for decades and keeping profits below 10% for most operators.

“Operators know that if a table sits empty they are losing money,” says Utku Martin, General Manager of A La Turka in NYC. “But most operators struggle to visualize their empty seats and to take effective action to fill them at specific times, since their current tools don't give them an easy way to do this.”

Operators don’t need more distracting, time-consuming tech—especially when most of what’s out there ignores that the simplest way to grow profits is to fill empty seats. That’s why Seated wanted to show restaurants across Georgia how much higher their profit margins could be.

With the launch of this new tool, you can fill in a few quick details about your restaurant’s occupancy—like the average number of covers per day—and generate a report showing how much your profits could increase by filling more seats.

It’s free, it’s easy to use, and we hope it will help show restaurateurs not just how important this metric is, but how they can improve it. You can even sign up to receive a free Occupancy Action Plan that offers a more in-depth report, a personalized consultation, and more.

Ready to see yours?

Try out the Restaurant Occupancy Calculator today, and find out the difference a few extra tables each night could make on your profits!

Want to start filling empty seats right away? Reach out to the team at Seated.