Does Background Screening Really Help You and Your Restaurant?

Human Resources,

By Sandra Christopher, National Sales Representative/Account Manager at B&B Reporting Inc.

Short answer is… absolutely! Background screening is now being conducted by almost 90% of U.S. companies and organizations. Background screening helps to affirm an individual’s professional or personal integrity by confirming they told the truth on his/her resume or application regarding criminal, employment and education history.

Here are some reasons why organizations have instituted background screening programs for their company’s:

Dishonesty of applicant
Too many applicants make false claims on the job applications and resumes or attempt to cover up prior criminal activity.

Increases the quality of the applicant and new hire
Companies that conduct background checks see an increase in applicant quality because it discourages applicants who may have something to hide or are not fully qualified for the position.

Enhances an organization’s effectiveness through greater productivity and retention but also its reputation.
The information provided by a comprehensive background check enables employers to build a competent workforce, thus reducing turnover. An employer can determine if a potential employee is appropriate for the job and work environment by learning whether the applicant has the experience, education, and training required to succeed at the job.

Supplants an organization’s loss prevention efforts by helping provide a safer environment for employees and guests.
Prior history is a good predictor of future performance. Background checks and other research tools can uncover a history of fraud, theft or deception and even reckless or violent behavior.
Protects against negligent hiring liability.
Negligent hiring liability holds employers responsible both for what they do know and what they should have know about their employees. Thorough background check documentation is an essential element in reducing negligent hiring liability.

There are a lot of choices out there and many different background screening companies to choose from. Make sure that the needs for your business, align with the product and service offering of your vendor. Make sure there is a clear understanding of the products you are getting, verses what you are paying. Getting the most comprehensive background check at the right price is always the challenge. Work with a company that will consult with you about your program and has a good understanding of the purpose of your screening program.

All else being equal, background screening your employees with the proper compliant program, is a good choice for your business and those that you serve.

About B&B Reporting Inc.
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