Five Ways to Prevent Crime at Your Business

Five Ways to Prevent Crime at Your Business


October is National Crime Prevention Month. While crime can happen anywhere, restaurants and bars should be especially aware of the risks of robbery, burglary and theft. These businesses may accumulate a large amount of cash during daily operations, which makes them attractive targets for criminal activity. Coupled with odd hours of operation and people moving in and out of the building, restaurants and bars are perceived as an easy target for criminals. Don’t make it easy for them; spend this month implementing preventive measures to deter criminal activity and reduce liabilities.


Here are five tips to prevent crime at your business:


1. Enact smart money management. The accumulation of cash during operating hours makes your establishment an easy target, so prevent crimes by keeping it safe. Consider investing in a drop safe to keep cash in the registers to a minimum and be sure to transfer money to the bank at varied times to avoid a predictable pattern.


2. Evaluate your environmental design. Deter criminals from targeting your establishment by bolstering external crime prevention efforts. Avoid landscaping with shrubs that provide a hiding place for criminals, install motion detection lighting systems or bright exterior lighting on a timer system.


3. Invest in video monitoring. Security cameras should focus on the parking lot, back door and other vulnerable exterior locations. It’s also helpful to have cameras inside your business to further prevent crimes and suspicious activity. There are many choices on the market so be sure you understand the available camera options, and which will work best for your business setting.


4. Review building security. While seemingly straightforward, double-check the following safety components to ensure your restaurant or bar is set up for security success: activate a centrally monitored alarm system, only distribute exterior door keys to employees who must have access, and be sure the rear door leading to the trash containers has a buzzer to request reentry or for delivery drivers to drop off provisions.


5. Reinforce in-house protocol.

Simple procedures can help prevent crimes from occurring and keep employees safe while on the clock. Keep new and veteran employees in-the-know about the steps to prevent criminal activity and the actions to follow in case an incident occurs.


If crime does strike your business, knowing what to do next is critical. Learn more about how to keep your business safe by visiting


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