Have a winning holiday season!

Have a winning holiday season!

Planning ahead is always a good strategy, read on for how your restaurant can have a profitable holiday season


The holiday season is approaching fast, and along with it comes a great opportunity for restaurants to connect with customers and cash-in on the holiday spending spree.


So, here are some ideas from our friends from SpotOn to take advantage of the holiday season.


Catering and off-premise business.

It’s the season of giving and people are looking for unique experiences. Offering catering, takeout, or meal kits could be exactly what they need. Use a virtual terminal to take deposits for upfront costs and send clients invoices with easy payment options.


Update your menu with seasonal favorites.

Do you have the best spiced eggnog or a famous recipe for holiday ham? Update your menu with whatever limited-time holiday specials you do best. Be sure to plan your seasonal menu in advance and clearly communicate the new menu offerings to your customers through emails and social media.


Host an on-site event.

Oftentimes, people need something outside the ordinary to get them to try a new place, and an event or party can be just the thing. Having a restaurant means you already have several of the requisites already in place: you have a venue and you have a staff ready to work.


Offer pricing discounts.

There’s a reason coupons still exist and are used widely—customers are conscious of how much they spend and are always on the lookout for a good deal. Research shows that offering a deal or discount makes 80% of people more likely to try a new business. An enticing discount or special can be the impetus many people need to be a first-time customer at your restaurant. And be strategic about it! Placing a discount on a low-cost item that’s often paired with an upsell item is a perfect recipe to increase revenue.


Gift Cards.

The holidays are gift-giving season, but retailers shouldn’t be the only ones to benefit from it. Even if you don’t have menu items that make for good gifts, you can get in on the gift-buying action by offering gift cards. Gift cards encourage repeat visits, and studies show that 65% of gift card holders spend an extra 38% beyond the value of the card.


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